Cavalier Gastown is a boutique jewellery shop specializing in custom-designed engagement rings and wedding bands.


We created a custom app to centralize customer management, product development, payment collection & much more. 

Project Objectives

  • Develop an internally-used mobile app to be used by Cavalier staff for their day to day duties.

  • Create a unique Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program specific to the needs of a jeweller.

  • Replace their existing order management system with a digital solution, allowing staff and customers to design unique jewellery.

  • Integrate with point-of-sale service allowing for end-to-end project management beginning with project creation and ending with payment collection. 

  • Appointment and calendaring functionality on a per-customer and per-employee basis. 

  • Internal analytics development visualizing detailed customer and sales data.

Discovery & Design

Cavalier specializes in creating one-of-a-kind jewellery, with a focus on custom engagement rings and wedding bands. 

We learned how their staff curates a relationship with their customers from their first meeting to ensure they are creating a piece of jewellery that will be prized for a lifetime.

Next, we investigated how their existing digital programming was integrated to their workflow and spoke with their employees to outline how their app could alleviate some of the more time-consuming tasks allowing for easier, more efficient processes.

With this understanding, we were able to begin the design concept phase.


Creating wireframes to simulate the look and function of each component of the Cavalier App ensures we will be creating a program that will be easy and helpful to use on a daily basis.



Once the business requirements for the Cavalier App were understood and the essential functions were determined, we began the Development phase.


We use an iterative development method, meaning we are creating components quickly, providing access to these developments to Cavalier's employees on a regular basis for testing. This allowed for constant feedback and improvements to be made. 

We began by focusing on the most critical components of the app; project management (ring designs & creation) along with customer relationship management.


From this starting point, we were then able to develop features to support these keystones.

Product Launch

The Cavalier App is now a regular component of the daily work done by all employees both in and away from the store. 

The Cavalier App can create over 1 million uniquely different ring designs, allowing its customers to create the one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery for which Cavalier is known for.

The specially crafted CRM now allows Cavalier to better serve their customers with a complete understanding of their customer's interaction with the business.

Internal analytics provides management with easy access to the business' sales and trends.


Integrations with their existing appointment booking software and POS systems means that the entire cycle of a prospective customer becoming a client and ultimately purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery is contained within a single digital eco-system.



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