DOMMMA is a uniquely designed real-estate marketing, management & maintenance web-app platform created to simplify end-to-end Landlord/Tenant relationships.

Project Objectives

  • Develop a web-based home rental listing marketplace to allow Landlords, Tenants, Property Managers and Developers to market their properties. 

  • Create an 'Assignment Listing' feature allowing for tenants to market their current rental property as a Lease Assignment to simplify the Assignment placement process for Assignors, Assignees & Landlords.

  • Develop an Assignment Compliance quiz to determine a tenant's Lease Assignment applicability.

  • Allow for listing members to communicate and share documents during the Prospective Tenant phase so applicants and listers to chat prior to finalizing the terms of their rental agreement.

  • Provide easily downloadable rental documents and templates for all user types.

  • Design and develop a Tenant/Landlord Portal to centralize communication, document storage and rental payment terms throughout the length of a lease.

Discovery & Design

DOMMMA was built to centralize the needs of all parties of the rental home market into one convenient solution-based program.

Rather than searching for your next home (or tenant) on one platform and then moving to another program to manage property and rental payments, should you not be able to do it all at once? We agreed!

With this idea in mind, we created a design that took advantage of the existing property listing standards, taking these a step further to include a means for improved tenant/landlord screening and document sharing.



DOMMMA requires 3 user types; Tenants, Landlords & Assignors.


Each of these user types has different capabilities and interactions. We developed archetypes of each of these user types, storyboarding and simulating their user journeys as a real end-user would.

Following the development of the Users, we then created the property listings themselves.


Unique features to DOMMMA included multiple listing types (Rentals & Assignments), Variable Listing Lengths and Listing Incentives.

Product Launch

As DOMMMA is a publically facing product, the initial introduction was critical to the program's usage. 

We worked with DOMMMA to create a Landing Page highlighting the unique features of DOMMMA and the benefits provided by using their services. 

With the scalability of DOMMMA, a comprehensive QA Testing regimen was undertaken to ensure all prospective visitors would have a positive interaction with the program. 

Today you can use DOMMMA to Market, Manage & Maintain your residential properties in Canada.



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