Hunch is a simple game for predicting the winners of your favourite sports leagues (NHL, NFL, NBA & MLB) and winning real cash!

We created Hunch to be a fun game for anyone to play against their friends, co-workers, teammates or even the entire world. 

Project Objectives

  • Develop a sports pick'em game that is easy to learn, fun to play and brings players back day after day. 

  • Create Hunch to be available on both Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

  • Integrate real-time scoring updates so players can track their predictions while the game is being played. 

  • Create a 'Private Pool' option to allow for a user to invite friends, co-workers, etc. to play. 

  • Generate leaderboards to track daily, weekly, monthly and season-long records. 

  • Develop a 'Winner's Prize' for the weekly winner of each league and provide a PayPal integration to provide real cash winnings to the winner.

  • Create a user profile including a trophy case and historical records.

Discovery & Design

As Hunch was a project we developed on our own, the Discovery phase was a little different than a typical project. We began by outlining what type of app we wanted to build and what our goals for it would be. 

We narrowed it down to three components: 

  1. It had to be fun

  2. It had to be simple

  3. It had to keep you coming back

As sports fans, we decided to focus the game on the most basic premise fans ask one another: 'Who is going to win?' 

Next, planned out how to allow for a 'Huncher' (or player) to make their picks and how to best layout the game so it wouldn't require any learning curve at all. 

Each 'Huncher' would have their own profile and choose which leagues they wanted to play in. They would be able to track their success against other 'Hunchers' via a Leaderboard.



After coming up with the primary concept of the game, we needed to put it into action.

Our Minimum Viable Product was to create a schedule of NHL games that allowed a 'Huncher' to pick their winners on a daily basis, prior to each game starting.

In our iterative development process, we were able to fine-tune the game by incorporating enhanced data, like team's Home and Away records and recent game results. We also provided User Feedback like tactile selection and highlighted game selections.

Our internal beta proved to be successful and we then broadened the game's breadth by including NBA, MLB & ultimately the NFL.

Product Launch

After testing Hunch thoroughly, we were prepared to submit the game to Apple's App Store & Google Play Store. Both app stores accepted the game and it was now time to see how the public would take to the game. 

Our response was immediate and tremendously positive.

We found that 'Hunchers' were not just playing one day and leaving, but returning day after day and telling their friends to play too. 


To increase the demand to play the game we incorporated a cash prizing component to the game. The Huncher who has the most correct picks each week in each sport category wins a cash prize they can collect through connecting their PayPal account. 


Other additions include Private Pools, allowing you to play against your friends, coworkers, family or whomever else you'd like to compete against.  



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