Custom App Development

It’s a fair bet that your phone is full of apps. But the thing is, apps don’t need to be limited to the Fortune 500 companies.

Small businesses can also see the great opportunities that a custom app can provide you at a price that’s worth the investment.

Hope Media House can help you discover how your business can benefit from a custom app and make it a reality.


Hope Media House’s experience in developing apps goes back to the first iterations of apps in 2011.

We have designed, created and marketed apps for all purposes with over +100,000’s of users across the globe, so you can be confident in our ability to deliver a value-adding and beneficial program that your team and customers can depend upon.

Just as no two businesses are alike, no two apps are the same, but there are many features of apps which we can work with you to create.

From customer profiling systems, inventory management assistance to creative add-ons, we can design a solution unique to you.

Every app we develop can be made available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (or both)!

Benefits of a Custom App

  1. Simplified & More Intelligent Communication

The best way to get a hold of someone nowadays is through their mobile device.


American adults will spend, on average, over 3 1/2 hours on their phone every day and that number is expected to only increase.

Email campaigns, newsletters and flyers are becoming increasingly difficult to distribute due to anti-spam laws and overhead costs.

Opportunities include:

  • Sales & Limited Time Offers - Promote a one-day only sale or a last-minute opening or availability for your store or business.

  • Important News or Announcements - Inform customers of your extended hours or major events.

  • Geographical Messaging - Send customized messages to specific customers based on their location.

  • Fun Personality Messages - Jokes or congratulatory messages can provide a little life and personality to your company’s image.

  • Business Orientated News - Find new employees, send invoices, or employee reminders.

2. Improved Value to Customers

You company’s app doesn’t have become a viral hit to be viewed as an improvement to your business in your customer’s eyes.

A well-built app can be, and often is, a simple tool that makes your customers life a little easier, or rewarding.

This could be done by:

  • Easy Sales Portals - Online stores can be accessed and connected to with a single tap. Customer information can be safely stored and saved for simple on-the-go purchases.

  • Loyalty Rewards - Purchases are rewarded with points which are redeemable at a later time.

  • Coupons & Savings - Exclusive sales promotions and coupons can be made available to a customer through your app.

  • Tips & News - Information and important news can be posted through a simple to read and find feed.

  • Simplified Scheduling - Scheduling and reminding customers of upcoming visits or appointments.

3. Learn Who Your Customers Are

The better you know about your customers, the better you can help with their needs.

As a business owner, you can glean important data from your company’s app. Hundreds of data points can be collected and compiled providing a potential treasure trove of information that could otherwise be lost. For example, you may learn that customers in a certain location and more inclined to purchase a certain item at a certain time of the year and provide incentives or rewards for this.

4. Leading Edge Technology

A custom app can provide a way for your to differentiate yourself from your competition.

People, especially younger generations, have come to expect immediate access to their favourite stores, brands and businesses.

Providing an easy, 24/7 portal to be accessed satisfies this need for many potential customers.

5. Improved Brand Awareness


Maintaining your businesses visibility is important.

Giving your business access to a customer’s daily life will undoubtedly improve your brand awareness.

If your app does improve their life, saves them time, or simply does something cool - your customer now has a simple way to share your business with their family, friends or co-workers.

And something for your new customer to immediately do (download your app).

What Should You Do Now?

Think About How An App Could Help Your Business

Consider a few questions:

  • Do you sell a product? Or are your a service provider?

  • Are your customers mostly local to you? Or are they located throughout your city, country or worldwide?

  • What would you like your app to do for your business?

    • Generate sales or leads?

    • Provide improved value to customer?

    • Improve internal efficiency?

Once you have an idea of these questions, you might want to see how Hope Media House could help you out.

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