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Discover new sales channels & bring your business online. 

Join the millions of businesses improving their sales with a Shopify Online Store.

Online shopping has not only grown exponentially in the last year, but it's also become a necessity for almost any sales-oriented business. ​​

If you are an existing retail business, adding an online sales component to your arsenal will provide your long-term customers with at-home access to your business..

Or, if you are looking to start a new business (or a side-hustle), Hope Media House has the experience and technical know-how to ensure your online business is a success.

Dipping into the world of online sales is a great idea - but it’s also a very competitive world.

Understanding how to market yourself and your products intelligently, track your customers and understand what is working vs. what is not is as important as the quality of goods and services you are providing.

We can help to not only set your store up but to operate it efficiently, avoid the most commonly made mistakes and pitfalls that can cost you money.

As a registered Shopify Partner, Hope Media House can quickly get your new online store up and running, while providing the assistance you need to manage your business confidently and independently.

Online Store Considerations

  • 1.

    What To Offer

    Not everything you offer may be a great online purchase - consider shipping requirements especially.


    Some of the best products to test out are ones that your customers already have trust in - that eliminates the need to ‘sell’ them on their purchase.

  • 2.

    Product Photos

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, it can also be worth a lot of money.


    High-quality images to promote your goods are essential to converting online store visitors to paying customers.


    Hope Media House has the photographers you can trust to highlight your products online.

  • 3.

    Product Organization

    Consider how you layout and organize your online store. If you have 20 items for sale, it’s probably best to not show all of them all at once - that’s going to make differentiating them not only difficult but a chore.

    Show similar products together and make use of filters and buttons. It’s often better to show 1 or 2 items very clearly, than all at once.




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